Space battles, zombies, and pirates bundled together for your enjoyment

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Gratuitous Space Battles by Positech Games and SPAZ: Space Pirates and Zombies by MinMax Games have been bundled together for seven days at a discounted price of $14.95. In Gratuitous Space Battles, gamers issue commands to massive fleets of starships that result in epic space battles. Also included in the bundle, SPAZ: Space Pirates and Zombies places gamers in a randomly generated universe that's home to zombie infestations and brutal pirates. Screenshots and trailers for each of the games are attached below for further research. Visit Show Me The Games to grab the bundle deal and gain access to some innovative and worthwhile independent games.


Positech Games (UK indie devs behind Gratuitous Space Battles/Tank Battles, Kudos, Democracy) and MinMax Games (Space Pirates and Zombies) have teamed up to offer a seven day bundle offer for two classic indie games.
For the next seven days, buying Gratuitous Space Battles can get you Space Pirates and Zombies absolutely free! (Or if you prefer, think of it the other way round, we aren't fussy).

Gratuitous Space Battles is the top-selling PC indie game that puts the player in control of a fleet of starships, and gives them the job of designing the ships, combining them into fleets and issuing pre-battle orders, but features a unique 'hands-off' battle system. GSB was part of the fourth Humble Indie Bundle, as well as a top selling game on Steam.

Space Pirates and Zombies is an action based, skill oriented, top down space combat game, featuring zombuie infestations, a randomly generated galaxy and a physics-based combat system.

You can check out the original launch trailer for Gratuitous Space Battles here:
And the website here:

Or enjoy the SPAZ video here:
And website here:

Both games are now on sale for just $14.95 the pair, from the indie games website 'showmethegames' here:
But hurry, the bundle only lasts seven days!
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