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Space Hulk: developer Q & A

by: Nathaniel -
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Space Hulk is a videogame based on a board game, but rather than some crappy ship sinking simulator or intro to the economics of the 1%, Space Hulk is based on the Sin of Damnation campaign from the 3rd edition board game.  The Space Hulk board game, if you don't know, is part of the wide Warhammer 40K franchise.  Basically, Space Hulk is a videogame based on a board game based on a tabletop strategy game that itself has spun off several videogames.

The Space Hulk videogame offers a 12-mission single-player and co-operative campaign, a level editor, and multiplayer modes that allow players to control either a space marine or a Genestealer.  It will be available for the PC, Mac, and mobile devices sometime later this year.  The following developer Q & A should clear up any other questions you have.  If not, visit www.spacehulk-game.com.