Space Empires IV: Gold Back in stock

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Strategy make Shrapnel Games sent us a release today to let everyone know that their 4X space conquest game Space Empires:IV:Gold is now available again after an extended backorder. If you've been waiting to get a copy now's your chance, the game can be ordered online here.
Shrapnel Games, the leader in deep strategic gameplay, announced that the hugely popular Space Empires IV Gold is now off backorder and available for shipping.
Shrapnel Games warns that due to the number of backordered products it could take them two to three days to catch up on shipments.

On backorder since late December, Space Empires IV Gold has been eagerly awaited by its many fans. The backorder period lasted longer than expected due to a change in printers and a malfunctioning binding machine making the finishing of the manuals a
slow process.

Space Empires IV Gold is the leader in 4X space conquest games. A winner of over 12 industry awards, SEIV Gold is an ever popular title in Shrapnel Games arsenal of award winning strategy game software.

Space Empires IV Gold can be ordered from Shrapnel Games' e-Store, the Gamers Front, at, or for more information on any of Shrapnel Games' many products please visit
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