Sorcery could bring out the kid in all of us

by: Jeremy -
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Sony’s PlayStation Move launches in just a matter of weeks and one of the titles that looks to make the best use of the device is Sony’s own Sorcery. The game, developed by the Worskhop, is a new IP that looks to show off just about everything that Move has to offer.

Sorcery, which was revealed at this year’s E3 conference, allows players to take on the role of a young sorcerer’s apprentice and learn various arcane arts. In a world that is based on Irish mythology, the player must battle through various Faerie Kingdoms and use their power(s) to repel the darkness that is overcoming the worlds. Players will use the PlayStation Move to physically cast spells and interact with the environment through over a dozen various, upgradeable spells. They will also mix and craft various potions as well as solve puzzles and battle enemies in their quest to save the Fairie Kingdoms.

Unfortunately, the game is still a little ways off as it isn’t expected until at least the second quarter of 2011. At Gamescom this week, Sony released a new trailer for the game, showing some of the Move controls involved in the adventure, which you can see right here:

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