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Two evenings ago (also known as Wednesday the 6th), Sony held a Move event at their headquarters to showcase several of their upcoming games featuring the new motion-control capabilities. Games of all natures were there, from LittleBigPlanet 2 to The Fight: Lights Out to Get Fit with Mel B (you know, ex-Spice Girl).

I am not a personal fan of motion-controlled games. There’s a reason why every controller ever made is often documented like an archaeological venture into gaming’s past. The controller is the tool of gaming, and this has always been based on a specific set of buttons mapped out in a very specific order. The reason why we have button mapping customization and inverted axis options is because of the importance of the traditional controller. Be that as it may, there will certainly be a niche group of gamers appealed to by motion control.

At the very least, I imagine that a motion-control game will only be fun if it utilizes the full potential and range of motion. Rather than implementing motion into a game made for a controller, games that are, alternatively, made for motion control tend to be more appropriate as well as more entertaining.

The real highlights of the event were, therefore, The Fight: Lights Out in 3D and SingStar Dance. I found the controls felt heavy in The Fight, but I am also of small stature and therefore someone with much more mass and energy would undoubtedly find them suitable. You can take a look at two (much larger than I) dudes go head to head in the 3D version of the game posted below. There’s definitely an interesting assortment of moves that you can pull off. Depending on the way you fight with your character, you can become quite the dirty fighter. Swinging both controllers at once will swing both your arms at your opponent, for instance. The fighting style is strictly boxing, with a few illegal moves thrown in for good measure and fun.

The other heavily populated booth at the event was SingStar Dance. Although I suspect that the dancing ladies were the main attraction, the game is definitely upbeat and fun. If there is one thing people seem oddly attracted to, it’s humiliating themselves with the chance of actually impressing themselves with their talents. Therefore, dancing and singing into the Move controller and camera on SingStar Dance is certainly a fun experience in a silly and entertaining way.

The Shoot was also an interesting title. Although fairly reminiscent of the arcade experience (back when arcades were more than the one or two dingy holes-in-the-wall that now remain), given it’s easy point-and-shoot mechanism, there are several power-ups that are activated by body movements. Shooting at the ground, for instance, will activate a shock wave to tackle groups of enemies in front of you while swinging around in a 360-motion will slow time for the necessary headshots. In the end, however, the game was simply too easy for my liking. The game is based on a movie set premise, with several themes to choose from. Embarking upon the Wild West in my time with the game, the first few levels are specifically geared towards allowing users to become familiar with the gameplay mechanics. Therefore, your enemies wont actually shoot at you.

You can also take a look at some video clips of The Sly Collection in 3D (obviously the 3D aspect will be remiss for you on YouTube), Get Fit with Mel B, and LittleBigPlanet 2. Please excuse the amateur video capturing, and random people getting in the way/talking in the background. 

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