Sony to provide early access to the SOCOM 4 beta for buying Killzone 3

by: Chuck -
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It looks like the folks at Sony have sweetened the pot a bit for Killzone 3's release next month.  Not only do you get the game (replete with 70 minutes of cut-scenes and vertigo inducing 3D) but you'll also score early access to the SOCOM 4 beta.

It looks like most of the early copies of the game will ship with the PSN code inside but you'll want to make sure your copy of the game has a sticker on it (which I've highlighted in the box shot below). 

It's a fairly smart move on Sony's part as there's a lot of overlap between the audiences for the two games and it might help get a few more people into SOCOM 4.   What do you think of deals like this?  Worth it or not?  Let us know in the comments.

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