Sony seems ready to finally take part of BioWare's ME3 multiplayer event weekends

by: Nathaniel -
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If you're a PS3 owner, and you've been lamenting your inability to partake in BioWare's weekly multiplayer promotions (like last week's Operation: Resurgence), then this news should brighten your day.  Apparently Sony is ready to take part.  What caused the sudden change of heart?  No one knows.  What caused Sony to deny its Mass Effect 3 fanbase access to BioWare's multiplayer events in the first place?  No one knows that either.  As of right now, they're only working with BioWare to bring the events to the PS3.  Should there be any further developments, you'll read about them here.

FYI: no multiplayer event this weekend as they're biweekly now.  Check back on Thursday, if you want the lowdown on the next one.

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