Sony lines up the guest stars for SF X Tekken

by: Jeremy -
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Sony seems intent on making sure their versions of the various fighting games are the best available. They set a standard with the inclusion of Kratos on Mortal Kombat and appear to be upping the bar with Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken. The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of the game will include 5 exclusive characters that you won’t find in the Xbox 360 version: Toro, Kuro, Cole McGrath, Pac-Man, the greatest version of Mega Man ever created (that would be the horrible box-art Mega Man from the original NES game).

Considering that there haven’t been any Xbox 360 exclusive characters announced, many are assuming that there won’t be any included. If that ends up being the case, the PlayStation versions of the game will undoubtedly have an advantage over their 360 competition.

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