Sony lets loose company that developed All-Stars

by: John -
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It was Sony's answer to Smash Bros. and it got a lukewarm reception. Sales have been eh, but Jeremy loved the game. Kotaku's reporting that Sony has decided to end their relationship with SuperBot Entertainment, the developers of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Sony's Santa Monica Studios will be handling all the DLC content from here on out. As for SuperBot, it seems they're going to try and retain as many people as possible for as long as possible. They told Kotaku that they are going to move on to the next chapter so let's hope some company signs them up to develop something soon. They already let go a bunch of people not too long ago.

So I wonder what are the chances we'll see another All-Stars Battle Royale game after this. Seth Killian, previously of Capcom, is at Santa Monica Studios so could he take the reins of a new Battle Royale game? Time will tell.
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