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Sony deleting LittleBigPlanet levels that aren't even offensive, but reference other IPs

by: John -
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Sony and Media Molecule should know that if they are going to give folks a way to create levels in LittleBigPlanet, a lot of folks are going to reference other IPs in both their own and other consoles. Well, that seems to be a no-no as Kotaku has a report on Sony taking these levels and deleting them without any warning. You think your unpublished levels would be safe but that's not the case as well. PlayStation boards are lit up about this and its causing a nice little uproar amongst the players of the game. You can't even reference another Sony IP it seems as some of those levels got taken down as well. I have to say I'd be pretty angry if I spent a good amount of time on a level only to have it unceremoniously deleted from the server and having no way to get it back. What do you think? Should Sony delete LBP levels that reference other IPs? I would understand if it was say a Nintendo or Microsoft product but why one of their own?