Sony changing the name of the Bros Before Hos Trophy in God of War Ascension

by: John -
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While it might have been a female producer that came up with the trophy's name, not many folks were happy with the Bros Before Hos trophy in God of War Ascension. It was railed on by a few reviewers and caused a little uproar among the community considering you get this after destroying a female Fury in the game.

Well, a new patch coming out will rename that trophy, Joystiq reports. In a statement sent to them, Sony recognized that the name of said trophy might be offensive to some folks. With that, they are going to change it in the next patch, although they didn't say to what.

The game comes out tomorrow and if they release the patch before then, a lot of folks might miss it since only reviewers have the game currently. I don't think Sony can win with this one though. You'll have people who complain about the trophy name on one end and now you'll have those that think everyone's too sensitive and think Sony's just being silly on the other end. 

Well, it's going to be changed nevertheless so I say we just move on from there.

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