Sony attempts to steal Nintendos thunder with Move, how long until lawsuits are filed?

by: Ben Berry -
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If you've seen pictures of the PlayStation Move, then you probably got the same feeling I did: The Move is to the Wiimote as the chinese knockoffs are to the iPhone. Sure it might not be technically the same, and maybe Sony will have enough lawyers to keep it from losing patent lawsuits. But do you think anyone in the world who looks at this thing isn't going to think "Wow, they just stole the Wiimote and painted it black"?

The only thing that is for sure different is the price, and that's $100 for a bundle with the camera that reads the Wiimotes Move's location, a Move, and a game. I wonder how long before the fact that people wear a lot of black shirts or play games in darkened rooms will affect a camera driven gaming device?

I'm by no means a Sony hater, but not only do I still not see a game worth spending the money on the console for, but now they've added a significant chunk to the to cost of having a fully featured system.

My guess is that before you finish reading this post, someone at Nintendo will be on the phone with a patent or copyright lawyer about getting motions and briefs started.

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