Sonic 4 not so fast after all

by: Jeremy -
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I thought that Sonic was all about speed.... I guess not. It looks as if Sega’s Blue rodent has hit another speedbump as Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Episode 1 has been delayed yet again.

The game was originally planned to be released earlier this summer, but was delayed towards the end... now it has been delayed until closer to the end of the year... if it even makes that date. Sega cites complications and issues with the iPhone version of the game as being the culprit(s) behind the delay. Sega hopes to launch the game simultaneously on the iPhone, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Nintendo WiiWare platforms. The official statement appears below from Sega’s Takashi Iizuka:

"Originally the game was supposed to come out in summer this year. While it wasn't really apparent at the time, we announced this as a PSN, XBLA and WiiWare title but at the same time the iPhone version of Sonic 4 was also in development. The team wanted the game to work really well on the iPhone with the same stages and the same kind of mechanics as the console versions, but it didn't really work the way the team imagined. What they did was they kept the iPhone version closer to the original and they went back to the console version and changed some stages to be better playable on console. That's the reason behind the delay and the extension in the development schedule."

Source: GoNintendo

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