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Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing preps for release...

by: Jeremy -
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 We are only a couple of weeks away from Sega's next game release in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing which will hit, pretty much, every platform imaginable later this month.  Plenty of information has slowly trickled out about the game over the past couple weeks, including the following:
  • announcement of more playable characters including the Bonanza Bros. and Jacky / Akira from Virtua Fighter
  • cameo of Nights as the flag holder for the races (why isn't he playable?)
  • demo of the game hit the Xbox Live Marketplace earlier this week for Gold members
  • Premium Theme for your 360 dashboard for the standard (premium theme) price of 240 MS points
  • New trailer was also released for the game this morning highlighting many of the over the top moves and attacks featured in the game. 
This is a mascot racer after all and it wouldn't be a good one if the action wasn't pushed over the top with crazy attacks... check it out below.  The game launches on February 23 in North America...