Some quick notes for Arkham City from Game Informer

by: John -
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The Game Informer with Batman: Arkham City is coming soon and info from the article seems to have leaked out. Nothing in the leak is too spoiler worthy but it does go through some of the characters appearing in the game and some new gameplay elements. Having all the gadgets from the last game at your disposal at the start of Akrham City will be cool as I would hate to try and go through some quests again to get access to them. I'm excited to see what new toys will be on hand for Batman to use though later on down the line.

Design wise, I'm really interested to see what Rocksteady has come up with for Two-Face and Hugo Strange. I'm hoping for Clock King to make an appearance as well. We had a tease of Clayface in Arkham Asylum (one of my favorite sequences) so I'm hoping he has a bigger role in the second game.
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