Some goofy gaming Halloween costumes and one terrifying one

by: Sean Colleli -
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Happy Halloween everybody! Did you construct a gaming-themed costume? If you want some last-minute ideas, check these costumes out at Kotaku. While only a few (Zipperhead!) are as good as the ones I posted earlier in the month, there are still some cool ideas in there. I particularly like the Mincraft creeper. Whoever made that costume is a fear genius--creepers are one of the scariest game enemies in history just by virtue of how much they can screw up your plans and that fact that they are everywhere, especially right behind you at the worst possible time. I never would've guessed that such a cute, bloodless game could make me jump several inches out of my chair. They're almost, almost as scary as the regenerators in Resident Evil 4. Hmm, now that would be a scary costume...
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