Soldiers get a new rocket launcher, Demos get a sword an shield

by: John -
More On: Team Fortress 2
Well, we have some new items that will be available for the two warring classes in Team Fortress 2. First up, the Demoman is going all medieval as they get a sword and shield. The sword's pretty much an auto decapitation and the name of it, and it's such an awesome name, is the "Eyelander". The shield called the "Chargin' Targe" gives you greater protection from from blasts and fire while letting you jab at people with the pointy spike and increases your chances of doing a critical hit with a melee attack.

Now, the soldier gets a little more firepower with the new rocket launcher. The Direct Hit, as it's called, is 80% faster and 25% more powerful but the splash damage radius is reduced by 70%. That means this thing is great for those that love to hit people with rockets rather than those that fire at people's feet. Also, if you hit someone in mid-air with one of these babies, they do mini-crits to their targets.