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So, what is Shenmue City?

by: Jeremy -
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A short while ago, it was announced that a new Shenmue game was coming in Japan, entitled Shenmue City (previously Shenmue Town). Earlier this week, a press event was held in Japan unveiling the mobile phone title. I hope that Shenmue fans didn’t get their hopes up.

Shenmue City is a social game that looks a lot like Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars on Facebook. Players will have access to various missions and events based on their experience level and available spending points. At the end of each collection of missions, players can face off against a boss and earn access to the next tier of missions. All of this should sound very familiar as it is exactly like many social networking games already in play on the various web services.

During the press event, it was announced that there would be both mobile and PC versions of the game released and that players could transition between the two at their will. This will more than likely be very popular amongst fans of the socia’-style games of this nature, but die hard fans who were hoping for a third installment in the iconic series are undoubtedly left grasping onto those hopes.

Source: Andriasang