So, what is Michael Jackson: The Experience?

by: Jeremy -
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Ubisoft rolled out the glamour and glitz at their E3 press conference to highlight the announcement of their acquisition of the Michael Jackson license. They put on a huge spectacle to announce... well... nothing. Now, weeks later after the conclusion of E3, Ubisoft is finally dishing out a few of the details on the title.

Michael Jackson: the Experience will roll out to all available consoles this coming November and will put players into the position of re-enacting the King’s most iconic performances from his career. The title will support both the PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect in order to fully immerse gamers into the experience by tracking their dancing and movements as well as allowing them to sing along with the tracks using microphone support. The Wii, PSP, and DS versions will focus more on rhythm repetition as players will have to follow along by tapping and mimicking rhythms on the systems’ interface(s).

The only two songs confirmed for the game, at this point, are Billie Jean and Beat It... but you can expect the list of songs to grow endlessly. MJ’s catalog is very lengthy, and theoretically the game could support DLC additions for quite a long time after its initial release... 
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