So, Persona 4 Golden is good?

by: Jeremy -
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It used to be a major discussion to decide what the best game for Sony's Vita was... that doesn't seem to be the case any more. It seems like a no-brainer now whenever you ask anyone in the industry what the best title available for the platform is now: Persona 4 Golden.

Atlus' remake of the classic PS2 RPG is absolutely running away with the title as critics everywhere are RAVING about the game, including our own Matt Mirkovich. After putting my own time into the game over the past few weeks, I could agree with Matt and the rest of the media world more.... this game is amazing. If you want a sample of both what the game has in store for you and what critics are saying about the game, look no further than the new accolades trailer for the game below.

Oh, and watch for a familiar score near the end!

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