So how exactly does Steam work on the PS3?

by: Jeremy -
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Steam is coming to the PlayStation 3 along with Portal 2's release next week. The Official PlayStation Blog recently featured a post from Valve’s Doug Lombardi who detailed just how the digital service would appear and work on Sony’s console along with Portal 2.

Portal 2 will mark the first time that the Steam service will be appearing on a home console. The service will run in conjunction with the Portal 2 game, allowing players to fully interact with the Steam accounts while playing the game. Achivements and other actions performed on the PlayStation 3 while running the game will also be reflected on their (linked) Steam account. From within the game you can see your Steam friends and even save your progress to Steam Cloud, to be continued at a later time from a different location.

It will be interesting to see if Valve is simply laying the foundation for future Steam integration on the PS3. As many features as they seem to be including in the Portal 2 support, I would imagine that they would have to have bigger plans for the future. Now, if we can just talk about bringing the Left 4 Dead series over... 

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