So how do glass-less 3D work?

by: John -
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The Nintendo 3DS and a few upcoming phones will be released using a technique that allows for 3D without using glasses. So how does it really work? Why can I see 3D without the need for glasses and why do I have to be in a certain spot to do so? Well, PopSci has a nice little interactive demo showing you the technology and how it works.

Seeing how it works, it's cool and all but being limited in where you have to sit can be a little pain if you want multiple people in the room to enjoy something in 3D. At least with glasses, you can be in various viewing angles and still enjoy a clear picture. I'm looking hard at the Vizio 3D TVs coming that use passive glasses. Even though the resolution is reduced when using 3D, I'll take the slightly lesser quality picture if I don't have to use expensive glasses.

If you want a better understanding of the parallax barrier needed to do 3D, then head on over and check out the article.

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