So apparently not all consumers are upset with ME3's day one DLC (and other good news)

by: Nathaniel -
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Are you playing Mass Effect 3?  If not, chances are you know someone who is.  According to @MassEffectViews, who tweeted two separate articles, one by the and another by, Mass Effect 3 is off to very fast start. says Mass Effect 3 sold 890,000 copies during its first day on sale, while is reporting that Mass Effect 3 has shipped 3.5 million copies since its release.  That's pretty impressive for game that seemingly caters to role players, Trekkies, and modern practitioners of the Jedi religion.  

Even more impressive, to me anyway, is the fact that 40% of gamers that bought Mass Effect 3 on release day from GameStop also purchased a code for the "evil" day one DLC (that's according to again).  That's not really voting with your wallet against the continued practice of day one DLC now is it?  

Anyway, I'd say this pretty much ensures that even thought Shepard's story may end with Mass Effect 3, the franchise is here to stay.  So there you go EA and BioWare, now get cracking on that Archangel: Omega City game I'm dreaming about.
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