Sneak peek at a few games using the upcoming GeForce GTX 560

by: John -
More On: Duke Nukem Forever Dungeon Siege 3 Alice: Madness Returns Rift: Planes of Telara GeForce GTX 560
A new NVIDIA card is coming May 17th in the GeForce GTX 560 and NVIDIA has put up a sneak peek of it running. In the video, you can see examples of the card running Duke Nukem Forever, Alice Madness Returns, and Rift. The article goes on to talk about Dungeon Siege III as well. The Alice demo really shows off what you can get when you turn PhysX on, which is unique to NVIDIA's line of cards. Unfortunately, the video of Duke's stuff we've seen before so nothing new here. Anyways, check out the sneak peek for some game action as well as a little info on the upcoming card.
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