Smash through Matador's city like a bull in a china shop

by: Randy -
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Stellar Jockeys, a four-man game-development team, recently revealed Matador. With a killer backing track reveling in 1980's synths, Matador is an isometric, tactical combat strategy game. From the moment the opening title screen appears, you have about one hour to liberate a destructible cyberpunk city from the previous regime. With vehicular and mech arms and armament, you blast your way through multiple urban and industrial districts, all in an attempt to supress the city's oppressers (did I say that right?) and cry freedom through the city streets.

Incorporating roguelike elements from games like FTL: Faster Than Light and Binding of Isaac – and arcades in general – when you die, you start over. The stakes are high.

Matador heads for PC in Summer 2014.

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