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Slow as Sunday: Captain's...errr...Commander's Log

by: Nathan -
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Shepard's Journal
Entry 47

It is over

I'm sitting in my cabin. The smell of ozone, epoxy, and paint still lingers from the recent repairs. Surprisingly all of my fish and Giggles (my space hamster) survived the trip through the Omega 4 Relay. It's strange, them being alive while two bodies sit in the cargo hold beneath my feet. I'll always regret what happened between me and Miranda. We never patched things up after I broke up the fight between her and Jack. Such a petty squabble to have before setting off on such a dangerous mission, but there's nothing to be done for it now.

Legion gave its life(?) securing our passage inside the Collectors' base. I haven't decided whether to give its body to Tali for research or try and contact the Geth to see if they want to collect its body. I doubt they hold any value for one individual, let alone the physical shell it resided in, but my heart tells me that it's the right thing to do.

After the dead have been buried and those who survived go their separate ways, I wonder who will remain. No one expected to come back alive. Now it's almost as if we've been given a second (in my case third) chance at life. I'm sure Thane will want to return to the Citadel and spend the remainder of his days with his son. Both Tali and Grunt have their own people to return to. I'm afraid of what Jack might do if I set her loose on the galaxy. Jacob might stay, but I hope he doesn't. Taylor is ready for his own responsibilities and his own team. Samara has her duty as Justicar to fulfill, but I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to stay on the Normandy for a while. After all the Normandy SR2 and Captain Shepard will be long gone before her life ends so she might as well enjoy us while we last, ha.

Joker, Dr. Chakwas, Garrus, and the rest of the crew are likely to stay on, but who knows? With no imminent threat and one deadly mission done they may want to go home. They have more than done their part. As for me, I have not finished my fight with the Reaper's. Even with this new body I can still feel and see the horrors of the Reapers given to me by the Promethian artifact. The Illusive man knows I won't quite and that he can only use me so long as our goals remain the same.

For now though, all is relatively peaceful. I haven't had much time for leisure and relaxation in a long time, but it's definitely time to relax. Besides, if I ever do get tired of resting there's always more adventures to be had, more people who need killed. I did hear a rumor that the wreckage of the original Normandy had been detected. I might just go try to find it and see if there's anything worth salvaging.

end journal entry 47
Initiating EDI sub-routine 47156...Connecting to Cerberus servers...Establishing secure connection...Transmitting...Confirmation received from Illusive Man