Slingshot DLC pack landing for X:Comm Enemy Unknown next week

by: Nathan -
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Have you gotten tired of sending ET and his friends to their graves? Well if you are then you will be excited to know that new single player DLC for XComm: Enemy Unknown will be launching next week December 4th on PS3, Xbox and PC. the DLC will focus on three council missions that take place on three new maps in China. You have to meet up with Zhang a triad operative that is in possession of a briefcase containing valuable information about new technology that could save your base from an alien attack. 

It should be mentioned that in order to access the Slingshot DLC missions you will need to start a new campaign. 

The DLC will also include a new playable character with a unique story, voice acting and customization options.

The Slingshot DLC pack launches on December 4th and will cost $6.99.

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