Slap a sticker on dat a.., maybe win some Gamer Grub and gaming gear

by: Dan -
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The folks at Gamer Grub have a unique contest running right now that could let you win some cool gaming gear and Grub.  The premise is simple, head over to the contest website, fill out the form to get a Gamer Grub sticker mailed to you for free, slap it somewhere cool, take a photo, upload it to the Gamer Grub Facebook page and let the Likes take over.  If you have the most likes during the contest, you will win a new ASTRO A30 and a month’s supply of Gamer Grub.  Second and third place also get goodies as seen in the image below.

The contest runs from August 1st until Sep 15th 2012 and is limited to the first 5,000 people that request a sticker.  The winners will be notified on Sept 15th. Check out the full rules here, and start thinking where on Earth, or dat a.., you will be putting your sticker.

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