Skyrim folks on the PC can now build a home

by: John -
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Well, it didn't seem as long this time around for a Skyrim DLC to hit the PC, but Hearthfire is now available for download on Steam for $4.99.  Mike enjoyed his time constructing a new home in the lands of Skyrim so you may too.

Heathfire is one of the more interesting DLCs in that you are given the ability to buy land, build a house, adopt kids, and hire help. Of course, you'll probably spend some time defending your home, but that's part of the life in good ole Skyrim.

No word on if a PS3 version will be coming though as the first DLC, Dawnguard, doesn't seem like it'll be making its way to the Sony box anytime soon. Perhaps Hearthfire can make it though.
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