Sivak releases the official trailer for Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment

by: Russell -
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While we've done posts and reviews on games done in the classic style of the old-school 8-bit NES games, it's rare that we do a post that's actually about an NES game.  A few years back, Jeremy made a post regarding Sivak Games' Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, an original NES game on an actual NES cart that is only available at  A while back I ordered the game and it was a blast.  It's like I Wanna Be The Guy meets Mega Man and Metroid to an extent (though not as brutal as IWBTG, trust me).

Well, Sivak has been hard at work on the sequel, Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment, and has released the official trailer for the game.  No release date has been given aside from this summer, but I'll anxiously be waiting.  He's posted on his NintendoAge page that there will be two ways to buy the game.  The first is like the original, which was the game, dust cover, and instruction manual.  The other option, which he estimates will be about $8 more, will also include a box and another booklet with various art and unused stuff from the game.  I've played the demo ROM he put on the site, and I'm fully prepared to get the game and pay an extra $8 for the box and extra booklet.

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