Sins of a Solar Empire version 1.1 available now; pre-order "Entrenchment" and get in the beta

by: Randy -
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Stardock is still making good on their promise to release meaningful content for their games, post-release.  Now available is a major free update to Sins of a Solar Empire, upgrading its sins to version 1.1.  Highlights to the 1.1 change log include:
  • Alloy Networking Technology -- allows for seamless multiplayer without needing to deal with port forwarding or other router settings
  • Major upgrade to the graphics engine for better performance on all systems
  • Updated/improved graphics (textures, new models, explosions, and more)
  • Mini-Underground Window -- allows you to buy/sell resources and make pirate bids on the main gameplay screen [Hallelujah! - Ed.]
  • Improved game balance
  • Improved AI
  • Bug fixes and much more
Plus!  If you pre-order the Sins of a Solar Empire expansion, "Entrenchment," that guarantees you some early-access beta time.
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