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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion teaser trailer is a stunner

by: Travis -
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We all know space is a beautiful and majestic place and the teaser trailer for the upcoming standalone expansion Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion confirms that statement with its stunning cinematic visuals. There is no glimpse of actual gameplay footage to be found in the video, however, the CG visuals on display deserve a short movie or at least be readily present throughout the game.

In Rebellion, diplomacy has proven to be less than helpful for each side in the war and has led to various sub-factions being formed as a response. The game will feature the two sub-factions consisting Loyalists and Rebels along with new features and ships, including the giant Titan and small Corvette class variants.

No release date was provided by Stardock or Ironclad Games, however, the pre-order page lists a vague availability date of 2012. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion will be available as a digital download for Windows PC.