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Singularity is available for pre-order on You can assume, then, that there will be some pre-order bonus deals that come with your purchase. With a pre-order purchase, Amazon is offering the exclusive Singularity graphic novel that covers events that occurred off the Russian Peninsula when time was unraveled. If you are interested in the roster of contributors to making said graphic novel, read on for such details.

If you choose to purchase the 360 version of Singularity, you will also get a copy of Prototype for free. I suppose the initial 20 minutes of fun is worth a free game.
Those who pre-order Singularity from will receive the exclusive Singularity graphic novel, allowing gamers to delve deeper into the mysterious events off the Russian Peninsula that resulted in the unraveling of time itself.

The Singularity graphic novel is penned and illustrated by top industry talent, including David Atchinson (Occult Times Taskforce), Christopher Morrison (Dust, 13 Chambers), Davide Fabbri (Dark Horse’s Star Wars) and Tom Mandrake (Batman, The Punisher).

And don’t forget, those who pre-order Singularity for Xbox 360 from Amazon also receive Prototype for free.
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