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In anticipation of the upcoming Virtual World Tour Car Championship (V-WTCC), developer SimBin Studios has launched the Paddock.  This promotional website has all of the details on the European racing event, including how to attend and when the matches are held.  Click the link above, or skim the press release for the in-depth details.

SimBin Studios and Eurosport Events today announced that the V-WTCC website,
“the paddock” has opened. The virtual paddock presents all necessary
information such as the V-WTCC competition model and how to attend and
prepare yourself to jump start your road towards glory for the coming

For the first time in the history of racing the virtual and real world meet
in a highly anticipated virtual championship, the V-WTCC. At six European
FIA WTCC races SimBin and its Partners organise the V-WTCC: the Virtual
World Touring Car Championship.

“To unite both worlds under one umbrella has been a long time goal for
SimBin and I’m really exited that we finally are there and the launch of
V-WTCC will be a true milestone in our company and hopefully in the gaming
and motorsport world  as well”, said Henrik Roos, CEO at SimBin Studios AB.
“ I also want to send my regards to Eurosport Events and our partners that
has believed in this project since this not would have become reality
without their support”, added Roos.

Through a series of online and onsite events people from all around the
globe can attempt to claim a spot in the season’s V-WTCC Grand Finale on the
Italian track of Monza, the last venue on European turf for the FIA WTCC

“This is going to be a great competition, especially since this is where the
virtual and the real racing world meet. As a virtual racer I’m also very
interested to see what new names will spring from the surface and what new
virtual heroes it will bring forth”, said Bram Hengeveld, Event Manager of

Throughout the season V-WTCC Partners will present prizes that can be won in
the V-WTCC competition as well as in special events around it. At the end of
the season the winner of V-WTCC will claim the magnificent and mysterious
Grand Prize.

“With the combination of a competition that is open for everyone, great
partner support and great exposure through Eurosport this is bound to be a
success. I will enjoy watching the action and seeing how the competition
unfolds” said Yoeri Gijsen, V-WTCC PR Manager.

To be prepared visit the paddock now!

V-WTCC, the basics

The "Virtual World Touring Car Championship", or V-WTCC, is a unique project
developed and managed by SimBin Studios in close cooperation with Eurosport
Events and brands and partners of the FIA WTCC.

V-WTCC is a virtual world championship based on RACE 07- The Official WTCC
Game <>  where people from around the globe
test their skills as virtual drivers in the most accurate representations of
the WTCC cars ever created.

A V-WTCC RaceRoom™ Game Park will be established on location during six of
the European FIA WTCC events. There the lucky and skilled drivers who made
it through the online races will meet face to face and determine who will be
handed a ticket to Monza. The media will be present with Eurosports
broadcasting team in the front, so finally YOU have the chance to make your
mark and present simulated racing to a wider audience... and show them what
the excitement is all about.  A strong PR and Marketing Team by Eurosport
Events and SimBin will make V-WTCC a major attraction, both online, onsite
and on TV.

Virtual racing is truly the rising star of motor sport, and is already being
used as a cost efficient step stone introduction for young talents and new
drivers before taking the plunge into the more traditional entry level
racing series.

Not only budding talent, but also current veterans and seasoned campaigners
of the tracks all over the world are using many of SimBin’s released game
titles to keep their senses sharp during low season, or to simply learn a
new track before actually racing it on site.

Be prepared for some fierce battles between the real and the virtual world,
the stakes have never been higher, the competition never more intense and
the prizes never been bigger. Winning the overall title and the grand prize
will not be an easy feat, real life drivers will strive to beat the hottest
names in simracing on their own simulated turf. Will the real driver’s
instinctive understanding of car dynamics and nerves cold as ice be a match
for the virtual racing stars who know every little detail of the simulation?
This competition will give the answer through a series of online
qualification events, onsite Semi-Finals. Finally after a tough season, at
the Grand Finale on the historical track of Monza, the first ever V-WTCC
Champion will arise to claim the Grand Prize.

About the SimBin Group

The SimBin group is a privately owned group of Swedish companies that
occupies a total staff of 80 people, consisting of 50 employees and 30
distributed consultant’s world wide.

In the SimBin portfolio you will find award winning titles like “GTR – The
FIAGT Racing Game”, “GT Legends”, “GTR 2 – The FIA GT Racing Game”, “RACE –
The WTCC Game” and "RACE 07 - The WTCC Game". GTR and

RACE are registered trademarks owned by the SimBin group.

SimBin Studios AB is the mother company, responsible for the publishing and
IP rights for all productions developed within the SimBin group. SimBin
Studios AB is also responsible for Business Development, Finances,
Marketing, PR and administration.

SimBin Development Team AB is a Swedish game developer founded in 2003 and
is a subsidiary of SimBin Studios AB. SimBin Development Team AB handles all
the game productions in the group and develops games for all leading

SimBin Distribution AB is a daughter company of SimBin Studios AB and has
its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. With RaceRoom, a franchise concept
including marketing, branding, game software and hardware in a turn-key
solution, SimBin Distribution offers a new business opportunity in the event
and experience industry

For further information:


Eurosport Events is the event management arm of Eurosport Group. Created in
May 2007, it is a specialist division in the organisation, management and
promotion of international sporting events. Eurosport Events is today
involved in motorsport series such as the FIA World Touring Car
Championship, the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, the Formula Master and
the CIK-FIA Karting World Championship, in the Global Champions Tour
(equestrianism show jumping), in the World Series of Snooker and in sailing
events such as the Trophée Clairefontaine and the new round the world race,
the SolOceans.

Eurosport Events is in charge of the events' organisation, from TV
production to media rights distribution (via Eurosport Group's own media and
through sublicensing), as well as the sale of the marketing rights and
international communications.


The Eurosport Group is the leading sports multimedia platform in Europe with
Eurosport, Eurosport 2, Eurosportnews, and Eurosport Mobile.

- Eurosport, the leading European channel, is available in 20 different
languages reaching 112 million homes and 240 million viewers across 59

- Eurosport 2, the new generation sports channel, broadcasts to 27 million
households in 11 languages across 43 countries

- Eurosportnews provides up-to-date worldwide sports news transmitted

- Eurosport Asia-Pacific reaches 10 countries in the region.

- Eurosport Network of websites is Europe's n°1 online sports destination,
with 7.6 million unique visitors per month across all 9 websites, including
the portal and 8 local language sites: four co-branded
sites with Yahoo! (.uk, .it, .de, .es) and dedicated Eurosport sites in
France, Russia, Sweden and China.

- Eurosport Mobile offers Live streaming, WAP & I-Mod services with breaking
sports news and results.

- Eurosport Events is the group's expert division in the organisation,
management and promotion of international sporting events
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