SimCity problems and patch notes, probably not happy news for folks

by: John -
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Have you been having fun with SimCity? I haven't been able to get in a game unfortunately. Well two things today for those interested in all things SimCity.

First up, they are adding more servers to try and help alleviate the stress, but they are also shutting down some things. They're going to turn off non-essential gameplay features such as leaderboards and achievements. Hopefully, that can help some folks start playing.

But the bigger tragedy is that a 1.2 patch is coming with a feature being removed. Cheetah speed will be gone and Llama speed will be the fastest you can go. This leads me to believe that too much info is being sent back and forth from the servers with this in place, so maybe to help with the server they are going to force people to play at a slower pace. That's not good and certainly doesn't bode well for the game. When you start changing or removing features, then you've got problems. Maybe they'll be able to put it back in in the future, but for now, look to play with slower simulation times than what was first featured.

So, we shall see if this helps in the long run and how much this affects the future of SimCity. So far, reaction has been highly negative and if the effects linger on, it won't bode well for what I think is a very fun game when you can get into it, having played the beta. Let this serve as a lesson to other companies who want to do this for games that aren't thought of as MMOs.
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