SimBin opens four more RaceRooms in Sweden

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Those hardworking Swedes that comprise the SimBin Group (GTR Evolution, Race 07 - Official WTCC Game),  have put together four new permanent "RaceRooms."  All of them are located in Sweden, but it's certainly something to keep in mind if you end up visiting that frigid corner of the globe.  Pictured below, these RaceRooms are 100% dedicated to giving players the most full-fledged SimBin racing experience available today.  Attached to bowling alleys and 'carting centers,' you can book events at the following locations:
  • Ballbreaker -- Stockholm, Kungsholmen
  • Cargel -- Stockholm, Soder
  • Ballbreaker -- Stockholm, Gardet
  • Sodra Strandgatan 2 -- Linkoping
  • Lugnets Aventyr -- Falun
  • Buddy's -- Trollhattan
The SimBin Group is currently in talks to expand further across Europe and the Middle East, so hold on tight, America.  If this burgeoning company has any say in the matter, you'll be thinking beyond mere 'meatballs' and 'bikini team' when you think of the term 'Swedish.'



November saw four new permanent RaceRoom's open in different locations of Sweden
and whether you live in Sweden or you are going there for a vacation this means you
can get racing together with the best hardware and software available.



"The RaceRoom concept is growing rapidly, gaining recognition as a viable addition for

bowling alleys and carting centers and with the latest round of unveilings RaceRoom

looks set to start 2009 on a high note", said Marcus Bodin, CEO SimBin Distribution.



Currently you can book a high quality simracing experience in the following locations in


- Ballbreaker Stockholm, Kungsholmen

- Cargel,  Stockholm, Söder

- Ballbreaker, Stockholm, Gärdet

- Södra Strandgatan 2,  Linköping

- Lugnets Äventyr, Falun

- Buddy's, Trollhättan


All these permanent RaceRoom's are using a special event version of SimBin games

and are equipped with the latest and best in hardware to ensure you have the best

possible taste of racing on the tracks of the world.


The RaceRoom equipment was used to great effect in the recently finished "Virtual

World Touring Car Championship" that saw Swedish Roland Ehnström win and drive

away in a brand new Chevrolet HHR car.


RaceRoom is a global concept and SimBin is currently in negotiations with several

prospects across Europe and the Middle East with more information to come.


If you want to start you own RaceRoom or find the closest one to go racing:



SimBin Distribution AB is a daughter company of SimBin Studios AB with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.
With RaceRoom, a franchise concept including marketing, branding, game software and hardware in a turn-key solution,
SimBin Distribution offers a new business opportunity in the event and experience industry



The SimBin group is a privately owned group of Swedish companies active in the Video game and Entertainment
industry and occupies a total staff of 80 people, consisting of 50 employees and
30 distributed consultant's world wide.

In the SimBin portfolio of developed games you will find award winning titles like "GTR – The FIA GT Racing Game",
"GT Legends", "GTR 2 – The FIA GT Racing Game", "RACE – The WTCC Game", "RACE 07 - The WTCC Game"
and "GTR Evolution". GTR and RACE are registered trademarks owned by the SimBin group.

SimBin Studios AB
is the mother company, responsible for the publishing and IP rights for all productions
developed within the SimBin group. SimBin Studios AB is also responsible for Business Development, Finances,
Marketing, PR and Administration.


SimBin Development Team AB is a Swedish game developer founded in 2003 and is a
subsidiary of SimBin Studios AB handling all the game productions in the group for all leading platforms.

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