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The free-to-play, flash-based AdventureQuest web browser game is gearing up for its 4th Annual Magloween celebration.  Players will be trick-or-treating for candy that can be traded in for masks, armor, and weapons -- but you have to beat out monsters and other trick-or-treaters going for the candy grab, too.

AdventureQuest Celebrates Their 4th Annual Magloween With Fun and Games


(Sunnyvale, CA – October 19, 2006) – As the pale mist rises over the panorama under the golden moon it’s a sure sign the holiday Mogloween returns to inspire fear and fun in the inhabitants of AdventureQuest.

In this 4th Mogloween, vengeance has a new color: orange. Jack Pumpkinface, King of All Gourds, has joined forces with an evil ally to create huge Pumpkin Golems in order to avenge his pumpkin kin, who are sick and tired of being carved up and set outside on porches every year.

In addition, players can trick-or-treat to collect candy which can be traded in for masks, armor and weapons, but there’s a catch – monsters and other trick-or-treaters are making a play for that candy too. In the spirit of the holiday and to fend off other players and the pumpkin patch threats, all players can receive Mogloween Masks, the Pumpkin Armor, Pumpkin Carver sword, Pumpkin Smasher, and Pumpkin shield.

The Guardian class of players is eligible to receive two special costume armors, the Pumpkin Staff and the Harvest Reaper axe.  Find out more information about Guardians at this link here:

Last but not least, there’s a new Magloween pet about to be revealed. In the city of Valencia in front of the inn, players will find a new Pumpkin Golem pet, which is endowed with powerful water, fire and earth attacks.


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