Silly Bandz already spilling into video games

by: Jeremy -
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The Silly Bandz craze has finally made its way into the gaming industry, thanks to Capcom. If you aren’t familiar with the product, Silly Bandz are basically rubberband bracelets that kids are collecting and wearing which, when removed, maintain a shape of some random object. I have seen everything from cars to food to animals... all of the kids in my area are collecting and trading these things.

Capcom wants to cash in on the craze in order to promote their upcoming Okamiden for the Nintendo DS. At the upcoming ComicCon, they will be distributing Chibiterasu shaped Silly Bandz to attendees of the show. I have to admit, this particular band looks a lot better than any of the ones that I have seen previously. Normally, I find myself struggling to make out the shape that the band is supposed to represent, but these look exactly like the cute little cub from the game.

If you aren’t lucky enough to make it out to the convention, Capcom Unity will be giving away 8 of them in random drawings on their community site. I may just have to try to get one for myself...

Source: Capcom Unity

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