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Silent Hill’s return to its beginnings in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has officially been announced to be available to gamers on the Wii in December 8th, nearing the holidays. While the PS2 and PSP versions of the game have yet to have an announced release date, Konami has offered up information on the characters instead. Read on for the characters to be featured in the game, specifically their relationship to the protagonist Harry Mason, as well as the respective images and character art.

As I said, the upcoming Silent Hill game is a re-imagining of the original game in the franchise, but with an important distinction. While you will play the story of Harry Mason as he searches in desperation for his lost and beloved daughter, the gameplay will most likely seem unfamiliar. Rather than combating the evil fiends found in the franchise, the game focuses on puzzles and problem solving to effectively avoid them. Your Wiimote will function predominantly as your cell phone for GPS, messaging, and picture taking as well as for your hand dandy flashlight.

There is also a focus on psychological profiling of you, the gamer and protagonist. The game will adjust depending on your specific actions, and you will be visited by a psych profiler (therapist Dr. K) regularly that will include interactive psychological tests. Check out the trailer from E3 for a look at the game.


Meet The Characters From the Latest Silent Hill Game
Coming To Wii™ Just In Time For The Holidays!
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today revealed that the latest iteration of the critically acclaimed video game franchise - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii™ - will be available on December 8th, with the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system versions following shortly. Additionally, the company is releasing important details about the characters in the highly-anticipated survival horror game including profiles and images of the cast. A re-imagining of the first game in the famed franchise, Silent Hill's debut on Wii will deliver a brand new user interface, all-new storylines, and a myriad of terrifying new gameplay features. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will also be released on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system with more details, including the street date, being announced in the near future.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories begins just like the original as Harry Mason is searching for his daughter through the snowy streets of the haunted Silent Hill where he will encounter a cast of unique characters. However, this time, players are equipped with only a flashlight and cell phone to get story information, solve puzzles and navigate the darkness while escaping the demons that lurk among them. In addition, a psych-profiling feature has been added to analyze players and adjust itself to their actions, making this the most customizable and terrifying survival horror title to date.

Please find below the all-new character details:

Harry Mason - While driving through the spooky streets of Silent Hill, Harry's car skids on a patch of ice and veers off the road into a ditch. Upon waking from the crash, he realizes his daughter Cheryl is missing and sets out into the dark, freezing night to find her.

Cheryl Mason - Harry's daughter who has mysteriously disappeared, causing him to brave the streets of Silent Hill. She's a cheerful girl who loves her father very much.

Cybil Bennett - After years on the police force, Cybil has seen a lot of crazy things, but she's not quite sure what to make of Harry Mason. She decides early on to keep an eye on him, and their paths cross repeatedly.

Dr. K - A friendly, relatable therapist who shows up periodically to evaluate the player. His therapy sessions consist of interactive psychological test which players will actually take part in.

Michelle - Michelle meets Harry at her High School reunion, however he doesn't remember it. Tired of waiting to meet up with her boyfriend, she decides to aid Harry in finding his daughter.

Dahlia - A tough, street-wise young girl, Dahlia seems to know quite a bit about Harry. The fact that he can't remember anything about her confuses Dahlia as much as it does Harry.

Lisa - Lisa is a nurse at Alchemilla Hospital. Although she's young, lines of experience are already evident on her face. Despite her cynicism, Harry finds himself protective of Lisa and offers to lend her a hand.
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