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If your a bigger fan boy or girl than all the rest when it comes to Final Fantasy or any of the other Square Enix titles then rejoice! You can now show your gamer pride and get access to exclusive content by signing up for a membership at Square Enix's website . Exclusive content includes developer interviews, downloadable content, sweepstakes, and trailers with more promised to come. What are you waiting for? Go show off your cute Tifa avatar!


Registration begins today for the newly created SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS site:

Specifically for users in North America the SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS site will launch in several phases taking in user feedback as it develops.


The SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS site will feature member incentives including access to exclusive content such as developer interviews, downloadable content, sweepstakes and trailers. Additional incentives will be rolled out in the later stages.


SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS site will launch this March 24th.

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