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No, you didn't misread the title of this news posting.  Swords & Soldiers is a 2D RTS game that is heading to the PlayStation Network this fall.  Players will gain resources, create armies, and stomp the competition all while earing up to 20 PSN trophies.  It will even feature local and online multiplayer.  More details are in the press release but you can also see it in action in this trailer.


SAN DIEGO, Calif. July 15, 2010 – Today, Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and independent videogame developer Ronimo Games announced a collaborative effort to bring Swords & Soldiers, a side-scrolling, real-time strategy game, to the PlayStation®Network.

Swords & Soldiers is an innovative strategy game featuring lush graphics, smooth controls, strong online integration and fresh gameplay. Commanding the armies of the burly Vikings, the vicious Aztecs or the cunning Chinese, players create powerful units, cast devastating spells and travel the globe in search of the ultimate trophy.

“Swords & Soldiers is the perfect blend of real-time strategy and bold 2D graphics and will include innovative features,” said Micah Loucks, Senior Producer at SOE. “Collaborating with Ronimo Games is a great opportunity for SOE to continue to bring interesting and unique titles to the PlayStation Network.”

In Swords & Soldiers, players can acquire resources, assemble armies, thwart enemies and dominate opponents, while earning up to 20 PlayStation Network trophies. As players advance, new modes and minigames will be unlocked. Gameplay is available in single and local and online multiplayer modes. To play online, players can enter Matchmaking Mode at any time. Once a suitable opponent is found, the current gameplay will be paused until the battle is completed. With Matchmaking Mode, there is no waiting to battle and no break in the strategy action.

“PlayStation Network is an ideal platform to bring fresh gameplay experiences to a broad audience,” said Fabian Akker, Co-Founder and Game Designer at Ronimo. “And SOE has been great to work with in terms of getting the game on PSN.”
Swords & Soldiers is scheduled to launch on the PlayStation Network early this Fall. For more information, please visit
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