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Show some love for Cave Story

by: Jeremy -
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 If you have never heard of the indie game Cave Story, you are about to as the game is hitting the mainstream next week with a release on Nintendo's WiiWare platform.  Cave Story is a free game, at least the original is, for the PC created by Daisuke Amay, aka Pixel.  Pixel created the game over the course of 5 years and distributed it for free to the world via the internet.  You can still get the original game all over the web, along with a translated version which is what we know as Cave Story.
Cave Story is a fantastic game, top to bottom, and is as good of a game as anything big studios are releasing now days (personal opinion).  Don't let the pixelated graphical style turn you off from the game, the story and gameplay are deep and rewarding.  The WiiWare port of the game is set for release next week and is being handled by the gaming company Nicalis.  The devs have released a "behind the scenes" video which explains exactly where the game comes from and what we can expect in the updated release.  Every once in a while a game comes a long that deserves your love as a gamer, as Chuck mentioned about Metro 2033 yesterday... I truly feel that Cave Story is one of those games as well.  Check out the video feature below and give the game some love: