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Shinobii bringing Wii remote alternative to Europe

by: Dan -
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We get a few readers from across the pond and occasionally get some European only news. Today is a lucky day for European Wii owners, as Shinobii is bringing a new Wii remote called the Xcross Remote to market. The Xcross is fully compatible with the Wii and supports all add-ons and accessories and follow the original Wii remote layout. It will come in black and be available in February for in February for €29.95.

There is no word on whether it will work on a North American Wii, but I don’t see any reason why not. If someone picks one of these up and tries it out, leave some feedback in the comments.

Shinobii Announces Release of Xcross Remote for Wii

LONDON --(Business Wire)-- Feb 03, 2010 Shinobii Technologies, a new innovative manufacturer of videogame peripherals, today announced the release of Xcross Remote, an alternative to current Wii Remote, for Nintendo Wii.

Xcross Remote swings you right into the action with its motion-sensitive technology. The remote, that comes in smooth black color, is designed with a wide direction pad for total control in your favorite games.

Xcross Remote is fully compatible with all classic, nunchuk controllers and additional accessories such as the MotionPlus. It comes packed with a FREE wrist strap and silicone sleeve to help you maintain your grip on the controller.

Xcross Remote is set to retail at €29.95 and will hit storeshelves in Europe mid February.

For more info about this and other Shinobii products visit www.shinobii.com.

Xcross Remote - Main features
• Fully compatible with all Wii hardware
• Accelerometer for full motion control
• Wide direction pad - Better control
• Wireless play-range up to 5m
• Built-in speaker and vibration
• Compatible with the Wii motionplus accessory
• Powered by 2xAA batteries (not included)
• Includes a FREE silicon sleeve and wrist strap for optimal grip