Shenmue is coming back in Japan

by: Jeremy -
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Fans of Sega’s Shenmue series have a little bit of a reason to be excited this morning...

A new Shenmue game has been out by Yahoo! Japan. The game, entitled Shenmue Town, is listed as coming to the Japanese social network Mobage-town and will be released this coming Winter. Traditionally, most games on the Mobage-town service have been cellular based but some have been moving to PC-based setups. Little to no details regarding the game have been released aside from its title. Reports are stating that the official press release that has been released in Japan labels the game as the third installment in the Shenmue series.

I know, it isn’t exactly what die-hard Shenmue fans were asking for, but it at least shows us that Sega’s hasn’t completely given up on the series...

Source: VG247 
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