Shell-shocked: Activision takes hold of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle license

by: Jeremy -
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It has been announced that Activision has agreed to develop and publish three new video games under the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise. The series, which many older gamers may remember from our childhood, has been seeing a bit of a resurgence thanks to Nickelodeon and a new animated series that kicked off last year.

The fact that deal deal has been struck is the only concrete information that is available at this point. There are no specifics pertaining to individual titles or platforms, although more should be announced as we approach E3. As long as they keep things tied into the cartoon series (which isn’t half bad) and stay far (FAR) away from the Michael Bay film version that is being produced, this could be a good thing.

Is it too early to start hoping for High Moon to take hold of the reigns on at least one of the titles? They did wonders with Transformers...

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