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by: John -
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Normally, we don't post about 3D TVs and screens but this is a little different. Why? Well, it's all because of the Nintendo 3DS. You see, the handheld's going to be coming out with a 3D screen that you won't need glasses to view. The screen's suppose to be made by Hitachi and Sharp. Well, look at what Sharp posted today for a PR.

Sharp's talking about their new 3D touch screen using a parallax barrier system for glass-less 3D. It's sized at 3.4 inches which is just about right for a certain handheld. Resolution is at a nice 480x854 which is a tad higher than WVGA. If you have phones such as the Touch Pro 2 from HTC  or the XPERIA X1 from Sony, you know how sharp the display can be. In comparison, the iPhone's screen has a 3.5" 480x320 screen.

The screen can be utilized with or without touchscreen capabilities and I would guess that omitting the touchscreen tech lowers the cost so would the Nintendo 3DS give us 2 3D screens but one without touch like the regular DS?

Thanks Engadget.

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