Shadowrun Returns in June

by: John -
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A plethora of information came out today for Shadowrun Returns. The game, which I backed on Kickstarter, will finally be coming out as the release month has been set for June.

That's not all. Those that got physical gifts will get them after the game's released and in stages. This way it will keep some of the costs under control. Rest assured you'll be getting your items as soon as possible.

Steam will be the preferred method of delivery, but you'll also be able to get it via the Hairbrained Account website if you want a totally DRM-free game to play with. But those that want to play user created content or official DLC will need to use the Steam version as that's what's going to be used to deliver these updates.

I have to admit, I'm excited to finally have a I game I backed become a reality. I'm looking forward to seeing how Shadowrun Returns is as I do love that universe. It won't be too much longer now.

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