Shadow Wars putting the strategy back in Ghost Recon

by: Jeremy -
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Please, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining but the Ghost Recon series is nowhere near as strategic and tactical as it once was. The recent games have focused more on the action and execution of plans rather than the planning / attention to detail required by the first few games in the series. The new game for the Nintendo 3DS, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, looks to change that and take things back to a deeply-strategic level.

A new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS has been released and shows off the new gameplay vision of the team at Ubisoft Sofia. The development of the new game is being spearheaded by X-Com creator Julian Gollop. The gameplay ditches the focus of first-person action for strategic planning and designing plans of attack in a style reminiscent of RTS-games. This definitely looks like a nice change of pace and something that strategic gamers will enjoy.

Source: Tiny Cartidge

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