Seven ex-Infinity Ward employees respawn at Respawn Entertainment

by: John -
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Wow, I'm shocked. Shocked and surprised that this would happen. OK, not at all but G4 has a list of (at the time of this post) 7 new Respawn Entertainment employees whose former employer was Infinity Ward. Really, did anyone not see this happening?

There's still no word on what game or type of game Respawn's first project will be and I doubt we'll hear for a while. They want something that's going to blow the socks off of everyone as their first game and that's going to take some time to figure out since they're not going to be doing Modern Warfare 3. And can you blame them? I'm sure they want to stick it to Activision for what they've done and to show their former bosses that they made a huge mistake.

I know one thing. EA's company parties jut got a little bit more interesting with the people behind Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty under one umbrella.
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