Seven Souls Online: Want in on the beta? We can get you there!

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The free-to-play market is growing by leaps and bounds; the options in the F2P market are getting better and better with each passing month. One of the F2P titles coming later this year happens to be Neowiz’s Seven Souls Online. If you haven’t checked out the title before now, this is your perfect chance.

Seven Souls Online is a F2P MMORPG set in the martial arts / samurai universe. Don’t let the MMORPG moniker fool you, the name of the game here is action. The Seals of the Seven Souls are scattered across the world, across numerous continents. Combined they possess a destructive force that holds the power to destroy the world, but the Earth’s Guardians have sealed them away. It is the job of the Guardians and their lineage to ensure that the Seals remain hidden from the world, but it was foretold that a day would come when the Seals would be revealed and their power unleashed. That time has come.

Neowiz is ready to launch the closed beta portion of the game next week, on February 15, 2012. They are currently accepting sign ups for a chance to get into the closed beta program on the game’s official website. Of course, signing up through the page only gives you a chance at being included in the program, we can actually get you in it! Getting in is pretty simple; all that you have to do is give @GamingNexus a shoutout on Twitter and include the hashtag #7Souls. I will be watching out for entries daily and will send all entries an exclusive access code which you can include in your entry form for the beta program on the site that will guarantees you a spot in the beta when it launches next week.

If and when you receive a beta code through Twitter, simply head over to this website, register for a Seven Souls Online account, and click on “APPLY FOR BETA” to redeem your key. It is as easy as that! In the mean time, check out a trailer for the game below:

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